I3S Scan Results

The following encounter(s) received the best match values using the I3S algorithm against a right-side scan of encounter 82d491f1-e21a-46b2-aef6-f1096f740300.

 Saved scan data may be old and invalid. Check the date below and run a fresh scan for the latest results.

Date of scan: Tue Sep 04 06:56:17 UTC 2018

See the table below for score breakdowns.

Shark Encounter Match Score
A-808 Link 0.9190
M-002 Link 1.0181
MZ-570 Link 1.2616
MZ-223 Link 1.4514
A-542 Link 1.5501
MZ-286 Link 1.7809
A-041 Link 1.8646
A-105 Link 1.8754
MXA-480 Link 1.9131