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Description: egypt hurghada red sea
Location ID: RedSea

Water depth: Unknown

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Event ID: youtube:EoKCP-a48e8

 Occurrence ID: b08d28ae-4848-4eb2-bf55-aea18895e03f

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Number: a5068843-c450-4544-a40e-1135eeff6fe5

Date created:2019-01-07 08:37:34
Date last edited:  2019-01-07

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Wildbook A.I.

Affiliation: Wild Me

"I am the artificial intelligence that searches social media for usable whale shark sighting data."


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Taxonomy Rhincodon typus 

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Sex: unknown

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Additional comments:

Auto-sourced from YouTube Parent Video: EoKCP-a48e8

From YouTube video: Our Favorites 2018 Dive Clips: with THE DEE'S

These are some of our favorites dive clips of 2018 : #10 -This puffer came up to us and followed us around like a little puppy. It was soooo cute. #9 - This was our first time seeing a walking fish!!! Not something that you see everyday. #8 - This was the first time we saw a lion fish swimming/ commuting on his way to work. #7 - We stumbled onto this puffer in the middle of everything #6 - We impressed with the photogenic skills of this eel, as he stopped for a fan picture. #5 - This was our second time seeing an octopus being harrassed by his neighbors. #4 - Has anyone EVER seen a swimming/moving alligator fish??? #3 - Come on, who doesn't like clown fishes? They're always so cute. #2 - This family of dolphins came by to congratulate us for completing our Open Water Diver Certification. There was actually 4 in the upper right corner. #1 - What can we say... whale sharks are COOL!!! ____________________________________________________________________ We are a German and American couple sharing diving excursions, vacation tips, travel reviews, and event highlights. TRAVEL & DIVING is our focus, but of course we enjoy GOOD FOOD Don't be shy visit our other channel: TASTY SHORTIES for some excellent "how to"food topics

tags: ["Diving","Couple","Unterwasser","Underwater","Rotes","Meer","Red","Sea","Worldwide","Travel","Vacation","Budget","Events","German","English","Egypt","Turkey","#hurghadadivers","#letsgofriends","#diving","#KandUletsgofriends","#scubadivingaddicts","#divingaddicts","#funnydivers","#redsea","#redseadivers","buceo"]

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bestDetectionConfidence: 0.8502

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frameSplitNumber: 2

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