Encounter of MXA-291

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Description: West Palm Beach- north of palm beach inlet, USA
Location ID: 2g
Water depth: Unknown

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Identified as: MXA-291

Matched by: Unknown


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Mary Ann Hicks



Number: 922007124355

Date created:2007
Date last edited:  2010-11-11

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Jason Holmberg

Affiliation: Wild Me

Research Project: Wildbook

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"Jason is a founder of Wildbook for Whale Sharks and its Information Architect."


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Length 6.0 Meters

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2005-12-23 14:00
Verbatim Event Date: None

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Taxonomy Rhincodon typus 

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Status: alive

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Sex: unknown

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Additional comments:
The water and vizability were very murky about 10-20 foot of vizability that day but water temperature was slightly warmer than usual for that time of year, around 80 degrees or a little higher. The shark was swimming south and sticking very close to the top of the water. He was found because his dorsal fin was coming out of the water and he was in a very popular dive area. It was not feeding but traveling at a steady pace. We were dropped several times in front of it as it swam by. The last few times we were dropped it actually cocked its head back to look at us but it did not really slow or stop. Occassionally it would dive down but would reemerge to the surface within a minute. It was found in more shallow water around 100feet and was swimming towards deeper water. Once it was in deeper water it dove down and was lost. I have other pictures let me know if you want to see them.

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