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Description: Off of Hookena state beach, Kona Hawaii
Location ID: Pacific Ocean → Hawaii
Water depth: 90.9 meters

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Identified as: HW-005

Matched by: Unknown


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Carter Cox



Number: 2512008131922

Date created:2008
Date last edited:  2009-11-04

Workflow state: approved

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Jason Holmberg

Affiliation: Wild Me

Research Project: Wildbook

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"Jason is a founder of Wildbook for Whale Sharks and its Information Architect."


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Length 9.0 Meters

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2007-12-25 14:00
Verbatim Event Date: None

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Taxonomy Rhincodon typus 

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Status: alive

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Sex: unknown

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Noticeable scarring:  Head

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Behavior:  None

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Group Role:  None

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Additional comments:
On 12/24 - 12/26 we had several encounters with this animal. We were in a small Zodiak boat about 3/4 of a mile off the shore slightly north of Hookenna state beach in Kona Hawaii. The water depth was 300-1000 feet, right on a shelf. This very friendly whale shark visited us each day we went out, swam with us, rubbed it's back up against our boat and seemed to want interaction. It hung out for as long as we stayed which was over and hour each time. After day two of visiting and getting to know us, A SECOND ONE CAME! I think we only got photo's of the larger one. The second one was a bit smaller, 25 feet. We gauged the size by the length of our boat. It seemed like they were a mating pair.

A local fisherman that we met out on the water who was also checking out the whale shark claimed that there was another pair about 30 miles south of us. We never went to see them but he seemed quite reliable.

We have 25 or more good photo's and a short movie that were taken underwater with the shark. You are welcome to use all of them however, these are the best for identifying. Also, please note that one of the photo's shows some scarring on the mouth.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Carter Cox.

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